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Roger, our furry visitor

First Posted: 5:24 pm - February 5th, 2018 - Views

Roger Rabbit snoozes on the front porch during one of his daily visits.
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By Deborah Daniels

For Rural Life Today

PIKE COUNTY — These past few weeks of snow, ice and frigid temperatures make me long for summertime and all it has to offer. Not just the sunshine and warm temperatures, but life seems more simple, and it always offers lots of time to spend sitting on the front porch.

This past summer I became fully aware of why I love porch-sitting and it came in the form of a fuzzy rabbit. He, the rabbit, later named Roger Rabbit thanks to my sister, appeared out of nowhere one warm, sunny afternoon. With a boldness that took us aback, he bounded up onto the porch. Not intimidated by the presence of any of us, he explored the entire porch, stopping every few hops and making the most of his whiskers by sniffing everything.

Trying not to disturb his exploration, we gently lifted our feet off the porch so as not to disturb or obstruct our curious visitor. After hopping all over the porch, Roger sat motionless by the willow bench and stared, as if in contemplation. That first day, he took a nap for nearly an hour which led us to wonder where he came from and why he was here.

For days after that, our furry visitor regularly dropped by, followed by the same haphazard way of inspecting the porch. On subsequent days, he spent hours in restful sleep and we often speculated about where he would go each time he left, and how long he would stay the next time he came back. His visits became so regular that we came to expect them, and often we sat waiting for him. He ate our flowers and the lettuce we left for him and drank the water. Roger was a constant, but when cold weather set in, just as suddenly as he appeared, he didn’t come anymore and we missed him.

Observing the rabbit was a fun activity on those lazy summer afternoons. However, once he was gone we often spent time talking about all his antics, especially the day he bit my mother’s shoe so that she would move her feet as he made his away across the porch.

Reflecting back on those events that happened just five months ago, I’m convinced that everyone who encountered Roger had come to care for him just as we did.

Roger Rabbit snoozes on the front porch during one of his daily visits.
https://www.rurallifetoday.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/56/2018/02/web1_c-FurryVisitor.jpgRoger Rabbit snoozes on the front porch during one of his daily visits.
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